Top 10 Valentines Day iPhone Apps


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Valentines day is almost here and all of you are searching for how to bring smile on the face of your love one’s. Chocolates and roses are the usual gift for you love one’s. Have you ever planed for some special and unique gifts, which can twist your happy valentine wish.In today’s tech world where almost everyone is drooling over the geeky gadgets, speaking your heart out in techie way would add to the excitement and gives new twist.

If your valentine have iPhone or you are planning to gift iPhone, i would suggest you to download some cool valentine apps which is specially designed for valentine day. I think its a good idea to give iPhone with valentine day apps, rather than simple iPhone. None of them will replace, say, a diamond ring – but they will definitely show your thoughtful, creative side. And what’s more romantic than that?

Top 10 Valentines Day iPhone Apps:

If you’re planning a special night, the following top 10 best free valentines apps can help you take your romance game to the next level. Below is the list of top 10 best free iPhone apps for valentine’s day.

1. Valentine Radio App

Valentine Radio App is one of the most romantic valentine day app for iPhone. If your love one’s is the radio listener its plus point for you. There are 20 most popular romantic radio station are selected in this app. Imagine yourself on the date with your loved one and suddenly romantic songs start playing. You actually would want to stand up and dance with your special one. Checkout the below romantic screenshot of Valentine’s radio app.

Free download Valentine Radio app for your iPhone from here.

Valentines Day

2. Say I Love You

If you and your love one’s is not from same region or your mother tongue is not same, So its a best way to wish valentine in different language. You just download load the app and set the language in which you want to wish your love one’s.

Free download Say I Love You iPhone App from here.

Valentines Day iphone app

3. An App To Tell

This app let you to declare your love with style of the valentine’s day. Its so simple and easy to use. You just record the audio message for your love one, you may short text with a photo which is taken from your iPhone and send a cool loving wish to your love.

Free download An App To Tell for iPhone from here.

4. Valentine Day Photo Free App

Valentine Day Photo is the photo editing app which allow you to give valentine photo effects to your valentine photos.You can give 20 different effect to your photos, which makes more appealing. Its simple and easy to use.

Free download Valentine Day Photo free iPhone app from here.

Valentines Day apps

5. Love Horoscopes iPhone Apps

The person who fall in love have more concerned about horoscope of their love one’s. By using love horoscope app you can view daily horoscope, lucky number, celebrities born on the that particular day and prediction of the that day.

Free download Love Horoscopes free iPhone apps from here.

6. iValentine iPhone free app

If you are planing to send valentine card to your love one’s, iValentine app is the best app for you. By using this app you can send most romantic card of your choose. It’s one of the fastest and easiest Valentine card sender application.

Free download iValentine free iPhone app from here.

Valentines Day

7. Photo Frame Lite Fun Frame App

This application allow you to set cool frame to any your photo, save it and send it. By using this iPhone free application you can set frame to any photo, save the same photo and send that photo to your love one’s as Valentine’s gift.

Free download Photo Frame Lite free iPhone app from here.

8. Valentine SMS iPhone free app

Now you can send SMS to your love one’s by using Valentine SMS app. The app allow you to send top best and most popular Valentine SMS to your lover.

Free download Valentine SMS iPhone free from here.

Valentines Day sms app

9. Be Mine Lite

Be Mine Lite app allow you to create some thing special for some one special of Valentine day. You can create Valentine card for your love one’s with your artistic mind and with the deep love of your heart feelings. If you have artistic mind, i strongly recommend you to use this free app.

Free download Be Mine Lite free iPhone app from here.

10. Tiffany & Co iPhone App

Guy’s, you have wined and dined her, now it’s time to step it up. If you are ready for the big leagues, this is a great app to select the engagement ring for your lover. Find your perfect engagement ring with Tiffany & Co.’s Engagement Ring Finder.

Free download Tiffany & Co free iPhone app from here.

Valentines Day app


I hope you enjoy the above top 10 valentines days iPhone apps. I would like to recommend you 5 best websites for valentines day cards.

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