Top 10 Best Free Apps for Android Devices


Android OS is the greatest competitor of the Apple OS for their iPad’s, iPod Touch, and iPhone’s has ever faced. If you want to see what the other side has to offer, then take a look at the top 10 best free apps for Android devices.

10 Best Free Apps for Android:

Below is the list of top 10 best free apps for android.

1. AppBrain Market App:

Once upon a time, Android devices weren’t able to download applications from the PC. That was a long time ago, and that period lasted an equally long time. It would have been incredibly frustrating for Android phone users if not for this app.

top ten android apps

Although Google has now figured out a way to allow web-based downloads for their apps, credit should still go to the App Brain Market for saving Android users in those dark days. And for that, they deserve a spot in the top 10 best free apps for Android devices.

Free download AppBrain Market App.

2. Google Sky Map Android App:

Unless you’re a serious stargazer, astronaut, or you can somehow fly out of space, then this app isn’t really something that can prove to be useful to your daily life. Nonetheless, Google Sky Map can still be considered as one of the best apps for Android devices because of its ability to present stunning and realistic illustrations of the skies – and all the planets and constellations it’s made up of – right above you.

Free download Google Sky Map App.

3. WordPress App for Android:

Blogaholics will find this easy-to-use app extremely helpful but only if their blogs are hosted on WordPress.

Free download WordPress Android App.

4. Foursquare App For Android:

The cool and ‘in’ thing to do right now is to check in online with apps like Foursquare. It’s a very subtle way of bragging about who’s where so if you happen to be in a location that people envy you for, you know what app you need to download now!

Free download Foursquare.

5. London Tube Status Android App:

Granted, it is only for London tube users but the way this application works definitely makes it deserving a spot as one of the coolest free apps for Android devices.

Free download London Tube Status.

6. Paper Toss App for Android:

The name says it all, and the picture makes it obvious why this game is considered as one of the top game apps for Android devices. Consider it as your practice for the real deal – one that can hopefully impress the girl you like!

Free download Paper Toss.

7. Sudoku Free Android App:

If you tend to run out of free Sudoku puzzles from broadsheets to solve, then this app is the answer to your players. The graphics are quite cool and there are also interesting variants offered for playing the game, making it a popular choice for the best free apps for Android devices.

Free download Sudoku.

8. Word Drop App for Android:

Be honest. Is Text Twist too easy for you? Then check out Word Drop, one of the most challenging word-based game apps for Android devices.

Free download Word Drop.

9. Battleships Android App:

Are you looking for a strategy-based game that offers lots of classic action scenes? Then consider launching a full-fledged naval war with this game.

Free Download Battleships.

10. Bubble Blast 2 Free Android App:

Last but not the least is Bubble Blast 2, which rounds up the list for best apps for Android devices. One game is all it takes to be addicted to bursting as many bubbles as possible.

Free Download Bubble Blast 2.

I am sure list of top 10 best free app for Android really helps you to find cool apps.

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