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To get something with which the kids cannot only stay busy but can also learn something is the preference of all the parents. I am sure that you will be one of them like me. Few days back, my kid became a real concern for me. He needed my attention all the time and this attitude made me feel irritated sometimes, as I was unable to complete my other duties on time. So, I decided to get something, which could keep him busy as well as make him learn something worthy. Being an iPad user, I decided to find such an app that can serve this purpose.

Without much effort, I found TidyUp! Clean the room, which is a free game and developed by Wirenode s.r.o for every iPad user. I found this app suitable for kids of any age. Now you must be thinking why I preferred this game for my kid when there would be lots of other games available at app store. Yes, you are right. There was a wide range of games available for kids but I found this game beneficial in my case because of three major reasons, which are as follows:

  • TidyUp! Clean the room was the right app, which could help my kid to learn how to clean different rooms of the house. With this app, he could learn the technique to move the objects to their right place in the room.
  • It was an app, which was available in English language due to which my kid could learn new vocabulary with the right pronunciation.
  • The app was available for free and it could make my child learn different things for free. Moreover, if my kid would help me in household activities instead of asking me for things again and again, it would be greater help for me.

Clean the Room iPhone App:

You can also get this app for your kids from Apple App Online Store if you are an iPad user, as this app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Moreover, your gadget must have 58.6 MB storage capacity in it to run this app successfully. You can free download it form Apple App Store here.


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