Those Days (+Journal/Calendar/Reminder/ Photo) iPhone App Review


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Those Days is great app that helps you to arrange your images to date on which they were taken then displays them on your monthly calendar. The application let you   arrange and view        your Pictures efficiently. You are kept up to date on your events with the help of this app. The images are arranged in the sequential order and are displayed on the monthly calendar views along with upcoming events and the tasks. The best part of the app is that its automatic just you have to snap the picture and the app automatically put the Snap where it belongs. Now there is no need to create the Albums just have quick look on all your pictures by using this app.

those days iphone app

Those Days All Your Memories at Glance:

There is no need to arrange your pictures and placing them according to date all this is going to be done automatically once you install this app because this app automatically places the pictures at right place. You can have a look on your pictures anytime. You are going to find your pictures arranged in your calendar views. You have the Grids type Photo views and the Albums. The Plus point of this app is that it shows all the Photos and the tasks altogether in calendar.

Unique Features of this Application:

  • Keep you update with your tasks
  • You can snap the picture on particular dates
  • Arrangement and the display of Pictures in sequential order
  • The display of Photos and tasks altogether in calendar views
  • Bar styles and the dot styles monthly views
  • Grid type Photo library views
  • You can comment on the picture and Sync it on iCloud.
  • Beautiful Photo Albums Calendar to have all your memories together
  • The day views of your photos and tasks
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Automatically arranges the picture in the Albums
  • Tagging on the picture or the journal
  • Multiple groups and the photo groups control
  • Sending journal through Email
  • Glance views of events and reminders
  • Monthly views of Photos and Events.

Those Days is great application to view your Pictures in the order they were taken.This app is working with all the iPhone supported calendars. This app helps you to place your all memories together. Add all your tasks, appointments and your memorable Snaps, birthday reminders at one location. They all are arranged in order automatically. The purpose of this app is to make your life simpler and easier by helping you in arranging your memories. You can have the Day views, Monthly Views of your Photos and the tasks. Create your journals and send your journals through Email and also attach files. Free download Those Days iPhone app from iTunes here.







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