The Incredible Giant- Fun and easy to Play

The Incredible Giant is a game that has become recently famous. It has been designed and developed for kids. This arcade game has a simple gameplay which can easily get onto the hands of anyone.

The mission

The game has a mission. You being the Incredible Giant have to save the world from the clutches of evil. Incredible Giant is the superhero who has to defeat the aftermath created by the bad guys. He has all the strengths and abilities of a superhero. He looks a bit like the Hulk so kids can easily relate the character.



In order to achieve a high score, the Incredible Giant has to jump from one gear to another and he has to collect hammer, guns, stones and other similar items. Achieving high score is really important to progress. The more you score, the more you are going to achieve. There is a special achievement board where you will see the list of achievements you will gain. As you progress in the levels, you are going to unlock more stuff.

The Incredible Giant has a really simple gameplay, basic enough for even kids to understand. That’s because it has been developed for kids. However, adults will also enjoy playing it because it is catchy enough for everyone. The layout of the game, sound and graphics everything is good enough to make the game more fun.

Download it for free

The game is readily available for downloading. You just have to download and install it on your smartphone because it is available for free. You will find it perfect for killing time by having some fun. It is easy and there is nothing special to learn.

Minor issues in the game have been fixed with the recent update. Make sure you finish each level with the highest score.  You can find it on

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