The Great App-splosion: The Breakthrough of Mobile Apps


February 7, 2013Android iPhoneNo comments

Mobile app technology has become a certifiably explosive area of software development in today’s digital world. This is due to the fact that, whether it’s for personal or business use, mobile device usage is no longer relegated to just phone calls and texting – instead, mobile phone users are all around smart phone users, using their smart phones, tablets, and wireless devices to do all sorts of activities such as send and read emails, surf the internet, play games, organize their calendars, calculate expenses, pay for items at the store, do online shopping, and tons of other activities. The vast majority of these activities are made entirely possible through mobile app technology. Mobile device users download and buy mobile apps at such an incredibly fast rate that the market for mobile apps is insatiable. To see how truly explosive this phenomenon of the mobile app is, check out this infographic that lays out the economic landscape for the multi-billion dollar industry.


This infographic was made by ClickSoftware Field Workforce Management, the leading provider of field service and workforce management software and solutions.

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