The Glory of India iPhone and Android App Review


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The app is primarily for those who plan to visit India or Indians from one part of the country planning to visit the other. Since most cities in India can boast of one or more historical monument, the app is focused on telling the user about all other historic events of that period

If you have begun to think this is another dates and names monologue, Wait!! don’t  write this one off yet because with each event you get a small snippet or story as i like to call it, and you can see the maps of India as it was in that period. So if you are seeing the Taj Mahal and wanted to know how much of India was under Mughal rule just look at the map! Maps also show who else ruled and the events for those kingdoms can be viewed in order of date, or even searched.

This brings up another interesting feature, suppose you would like to know what areas of interest are close to the city where you are planning to travel just search for that city name. Currently this search works for major cities only, but we are sure the team will add and refine the tags in future releases

Next is the phone-book of rulers – I’m kidding, but the list of Ruler List is grouped by Dynasty like a phone book. Just select the “Rulers” tab to see the list and what’s more, clicking on the ruler can show you images of monuments of that ruler and sometimes the ruler himself and this time I’m not kidding - images of some rulers are available in the form of paintings or as engraved on coins.

Though many travel related show images of monuments, they tend to be stand-alone not telling you what links one to the other if at all. And i am not a serious historian, but think about this if you are visiting Agra and someone suggested visiting Jaipur or Gwalior, wouldn’t you want to know what these neighboring cities share? And what’s the reason they are still different?

So in summary, whether you are from India or have visited, and would love telling your friends about its diverse culture and rich history; The Glory of India App, was made to do just that

Know all you can about the glorious past of India, about the forts & palaces, about kings & wars, about monuments both large & intricate.

You can free download The Glory of India app for iPhone and Android.


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