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Are you in search of the funny idea to tease your friends and family?? Want to have Some thrill in your life ?? Than try Teaser Stun Gun. This is the amazing app that gives you the feeling of holding the Real Teaser Stun Gun. This app is going to provide you the great ways to tease your friends. Its fun to play jokes with your friends . You can also apply this idea on the people you don’t like.  For the moment they are going to be believe that you are holding the real Teaser Stun Gun.So they are going to be scare you are able to enjoy their scary looks.

Taser Stun Gun

Real  Feeling of the Teaser Stun Gun:

Teaser Stun Gun is the amazing app that gives you and others the real feeling of holding the real Teaser Stun Gun just because of its Stunning sounds and the vibration. The sound of the Electric Stun Gun is also helpful to add the real feeling of holding the Teaser Stun Gun. Once you start the app by touching the image the Flash light of your Phone is going to turn on than the sounds  of the Electric Stun Gun is going to produce . The vibrant vibrations are going to add the real fun. Its not like that you always have to use the light, sounds and the vibrations. Its up to you which feature you want to use or not. You can enable or disable the sounds, light and the vibration.


Unique Features of the Teaser Stun Gun:

  • The Adjustment of the sound
  • The Adjustment of the vibration
  • The adjustment of the flash light

Taser Stun Gun

This Teaser Stun Gun is not only going to help you to tease your friends it can be also helpful for you in the serious situations like you are walking alone and you feel something strange or any stranger is teasing you than you are able to frighten the stranger for the moment by running this app. He is going to be shocked foe the moment that you have the real Stun Gun in your hand and you can take the advantage of that moment and are able to escape from there. So this app is not just for the prank purpose. Its also helpful if you look at it by the angel of  your  security.

Teaser Stun Gun is available at Google Play. This app is the free of cost app. I am sure you are going to enjoy using this app. Discussing the ideas always leads to get some new ideas. If you have some ideas to prank your friends also share  your interesting ideas here. And if you want some funny, interesting and the crazy  ideas than I am also here to help you.




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