Tales of Furia iPhone and iPad Game


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I must say that there are few gadgets, which have become the preference of every tech savvy individual, these days and iPhone and iPad are two of them. I am a proud owner of iPhone and many of my friends have iPad too. The best part is that all of us are satisfied with the performance of our gadgets. Few days back, one of my friends asked me to find a game for him, which he can enjoy playing on both iPhone and iPad. I thought it would be difficult for me to find such a game that should be interesting and could be played on both of the gadget. But to my amazed, I found lots of games, which can be played on both of the gadgets.

Tales of Furia iPhone and iPad Game:

Among all the available games, I decided to download Tales of Furia, which is developed by Realm Masters. Now you must be thinking that I was looking a game for my friend. Why I downloaded it in my gadget? Actually, I wanted to get the best gaming app for my friend so I thought to try it first. The best part was that the game was available for free and can be played if the gadget has 49.5 MB space, which I had in my gadget. Hence, I downloaded the game in my gadget and explored its all features, which forced me to recommend this game to my friend.

Watch Tales of Furia iPhone and iPad Game Video Demo:

This game is all about the quest of young prince Furry to save his beloved one and to stop Dark Lord Furious to destroy the beautiful kingdom of Furia. Some of the features I enjoyed in this game were:

  • 25 different levels in 5 amazing chapters
  • 2 difficulty levels with 3 lives in Normal difficulty level and unlimited lives in Easy difficulty level
  • Special challenges to unlock in the game
  • 6 amazing musical tracks by Rams le Prince

You can free download Tales of Furia Game from Apple App Store here.


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