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Today we found one of the amazing downloading app which allow us to download audio, video, pictures and web sites on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. The interface of xDownload is very simple and easy to use that gives you the power to pull all download into background download queue. Download queue is just one tap away from you, so you can easily manage all download queues. What is xDownload and How it works? xDownload is a smart downloading browser that allows you to free download music, videos, pictures, audio books or any file even a webpage with just one single click. Whenever you tap to download any object, it pushed to download queue and starts downloading in background. You can also mange download


Vimeo on of the most popular video sharing community has just launched the video sharing application for iPhone. All the best features of Vimeo is packed in the phone application. By using Vimeo on your iPhone you can upload, edit, manage and watch your favorite videos. Vimeo is the best way to instantly share video in the large video sharing community with just one click. You just make a video from your iPhone and upload it using Vimeo app with high quality. Its is the easiest and fastest way to share any video instantly with millions of peoples. Vimeo requires iPhone 3GS or 4G and iOS 4.0+. Cool Features of Vimeo iPhone App: Watch and manage all your existing Vimeo videos and download them to


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