How do I Sync My eMails Between PC and Android Mobile?

by Guest Author on March 1, 2012


Assuming you already have a Gmail account, that’s all you need to do. Your Gmail messages (and those from other linked accounts) will be instantly accessible from the Google Mail- app and one will mirror the other (within a few seconds, assuming you have an active Wi-Fi or 3G connection).

What About Contacts?

You’ll also find that all your Gmail contacts have quietly found their way into your phone’s contacts list. Now you can create groups, new contacts, delete contacts and all other contact-related actions from within your phone’s contacts list or from a web browser and they’ll sync automatically.

Tip: For easy contact syncing between Thunderbird and Gmail (and hence your phone), check out the Google Contacts and gContactSync add-ons. You can also use Mozilla’s new Contact add-on which syncs all your web-based contact lists (Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and more) with the email client.

Can I Move My Existing Contacts and Emails into Gmail?

Yes. If you’re using another webmail service, all you need to do is log into and click on Settings (top right of your browser window), then click the Accounts and Import tab and at the top you’ll see the option to import contacts from your Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL or any other webmail account. You can also set up Gmail to pull in from your other email accounts from this page. If you have multiple email accounts, this is a great way to access them all in one place. You’ll still be able to use your desktop email client as normal, but you’ll have duplicates going to your Gmail account.

Tip: At the bottom of the” Send mail as…” section of Gmail’s Accounts and Import settings tab, you can select a radio button to reply from the same address to which the message was sent. This will let you reply to emails from any of your email addresses, even from your phone, without switching to another account.

If you have contacts stored in your computer’s email client, Outlook or Thunderbird, say, you can save or export them to a CSV file (most email clients can do this). Save the CSV file in DOS format and you can import it into your Gmail contacts list by logging in to g ma, pressing the Contacts button and clicking Import. Once imported to your Gmail contacts, they’ll sync over the air to your Android phone. If using Apple’s Mail and Address Book, you can easily keep your contacts synced with your Gmail account; open Address Book, go to Preferences, click on the Accounts tab, check the Synchronize with Google box and then enter your account info. You can then sync the two by clicking Sync Now from the Sync menu in the menu bar. Note that you can only sync with a single Google account.

My Gmail Contacts Have Synced to my Phone – and There are Hundreds of Them!

The annoying thing about Gmail’s contacts sync is that it’ll pull in every single email address that’s in your Gmail contacts list – basically everyone you have ever emailed. The simplest way to resolve this is to go to Menu > View on your phone contacts list and, if your phone has it, select the Only contacts with phone numbers option.

Another workaround that may work on your handset is to go to Menu > Settings > Sync Groups and choose which groups to sync with (you can set up and edit these groups from your Gmail account). This is an area where every handset seems to have a different trick to get it behaving properly. If none of the options above are available to you, do a web search for your handset’s model name along with Gmail contacts sync” and you’ll find a solution if one exists, along with some similarly frustrated users.

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Maree Stevens August 27, 2012 at 11:56 PM

I have a ASUS transformer pad TF300T. I am trying to syn with my xtra account can anyone help please


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