Stone Skimmer iPhone Game


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Are you one of the Sport lovers?? If yes than you are surely going to enjoy playing this game. Skimming is very interesting and challenging game. It is fun to skim on the water.  Stone Skimming is challenging game because it is tricky and somehow dangerous to play but this all doesn’t matter for the Players. If you want to do the stone skimming simply install the App Store Skimmer from the Play Store and start enjoying the fun to play the stone skimming.

Exiting Features of the Stone Skimmer:

  • Vibrant Controls
  • Well Designed Graphics
  • Amazing Sounds
  • Multiple characters and the sceneries
  • Training to become the skimming champion

How to Play Stone Skimmer:

The only strategy to play the Stone Skimmer is that don’t let the stone sink in the water. You have to use your phone in order to jump left direction  or in the right direction. Stone Skimmer is going to train and guide you to become the champion of the Stone Skimming.

Different Sceneries:

There are so many different  sceneries I n the game play to give you the feeling that you are skimming in the different  area  and you are not going to get bore . The sound effects changes according to your game play. The attractive sounds don’t let you distract from the game. You are going to forget everything for the while you are playing this game.

Challenging  and Attractive:

There are 6 stone characters that have the unique personalities. The vibrant controls of the game make this game more appealing .  The water with the floating water and the fresh blue color looks so amazing and refreshing. it is fun to enjoy the pleasure of Stone Skimming   anywhere at any time now you don’t have to wait for the weekend to go for Skimming. The circle at bottom of the screen guides you the direction of your throw. The coins you have collected while playing the game the total bonus and the score all are displayed on the Screen to let your know that what you have collected till now.

When you start playing the  Stone Skimmer you are going to feel like that you are doing the stone skimming in actual. The amazing sounds and the well designed graphics make this app more attractive and give you the feeling of reality. So why you are missing the opportunity to enjoy the real fun and feeling to enjoy the skimming. Stone Skimmer is freely available at App Store. Download it now and start Enjoying the fun.


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