The Steps to Attaining an HP Certification


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Are you interested in earning an HP certification but unaware of where to begin? If so, look no further. HP makes the certification process easy for individuals of all ages. If it’s your first time registering for the program and a certification or training option, follow the steps below to breeze through the process.

HP Certification Steps:

The way students and professionals get started is slightly different. For students who are vying for an Accredited Technical Associate (ATA) certification, it’s as simple as choosing a certification and taking the exam. No program registration is required – the only thing you need to register for is the exam, and the training course if you decide to take it. Although courses are not required to earn the certification, they are highly beneficial in teaching you everything you need to know about the technology, which might be necessary if you are new to IT or unfamiliar with the solution pathway. Meanwhile, it is important that you choose a certification that matches your career goals. You’ll then register to take the exam at a Certiport Authorized Test Center located near you, further prepare with resources available from HP, and take the exam. Once a passing score has been earned, you will have earned certification.

hp certification

The process is very similar for HP customers, partners, and employees. If you fit into either category, you will first obtain an HP Learner ID which will be assigned once you complete your registration to the HP Learning Center. IDs will be used when registering for an exam. It is also important for professionals to pay attention to prerequisites, as many certifications will require not just previous certification levels, but certifications from other solutions. Training is also optional but highly recommended, especially at the expert and master levels.

For more information about certification content and requirements, as well as training options, exams, etc., please visit the HP certification website.

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