Sportz Smash iPhone Game Review

Sports Smash is actually one of the first sports themed game which consists of 3 matches games that makes it unique as compared to others similar games. It has beautiful graphics, along with addictive gameplay and consist of fresh features which will definitely hooked you until the end.


Yes that’s right; you can play Sportz Smash for free just by downloading it from net. Yes of course in-app purchases are also available but not necessary to passing on various levels similar to other games.



If you are tired of Candy Crush again and again, then you should play Sportz Smash, which is the exciting innovative puzzle game that anyone could play and it is also guaranteed that you would be the winner.


Sportz Smash game would be available for free on both the Apple App-Store and also on Google Play-Store which will make it available to millions to enjoy.


With stunning graphics and professional designs it is very simple, fun and uncomplicated to play. You are persuaded to be impressed, along with the game-fit for a winner.

In this game there are more than 100 levels present which you can play are more coming soon. It consists of various Cool power-ups, which will make this game much more interesting. You can also log in your Face book so that you could play with your friends.
How to play:

The main objective of the game is to fix all the balls together in so that you could pass to next level. In each level you have various Goals which you have to complete for finishing the level and then pass on to the next level. But if you don’t succeed in meeting all the goals of the level then you will fail.

You can free download it from Apple App Store here.Screenshot at Jul 02 12-51-54