Solo Launcher heads for the top three launchers, following Go and Nova


July 1, 2014AndroidNo comments

Half of 2014 has passed, and the competitions among Android launcher apps continue. The frame is not that opaqueGo launcher keeps on leading the market, Nova is still the geeks’ favorite, and Solo Launcher’s user growth rate is incredibly high.

If you fancy a launcher that is highly configurable while remaining close to the default feel of the KitKat home launcher, Solo launcher is made for you.

Solo Launcher heads for the top three launchers, following Go and Nova:

(Solo Launcher)

As a fasting developing Android launcher, Solo Launcher is featured in clean, smooth and highly configurable. Compared to Go Launcher, Solo launcher is smoother and speedier. This is because of Solo’s low memory usage and clean as well as ads-free user interface. But if the basic and frequently used Android apps cannot satisfy your appetite, and you have enough budgets for paid features, you can download the full series of Go paid plugin, such as Go keyboard, contacts and locker. Additionally, if you are a bit nostalgic, you must always go back to the classic Go 2.X version.

(Solo Launcher)                  (Go Launcher classic 2.X version)

Concerning customization, Go Launcher and Nova charges for their prime features, such as unread message counts, hiding apps, custom drawer groups and more gestures and scroll effects. However, Solo launcher offers all these prime features for free, without any ads. But if you look for exploring more complicated UI and UX, Nova Launcher has more niche prime features.