SocialCamp Manage Multiple Facebook and Twitter Accounts Android App


August 12, 2014AndroidNo comments

Using the Social Media is the best way to keep in touch with your friends and family members. In this busy world it is just impossible to keep in touch with your friends and family by sending them text separately or inviting and informing them about something. Now a days it is very common practice to use the social media apps in mobile phones. Social Camp Design Inc has introduced an amazing app named as the SocialCamp that allows you to use the Social media apps under one umbrella. You don’t need to use the social media apps separately because SocialCamp allows you to use them on one page . You can use your facebook and twitter accounts using this amazing SocialCamp app.

Manage Multiple Facebook and Twitter Accounts:

Great News for the Page Admins:

This app is great news especially for the admins who are managing some pages on their facebook account because by using SocialCamp you can manage your multiple accounts at same time. Share your posts and newsfeed from any account. All the features including the facebook messenger are also there. Don’t worry about features SocialCamp provides you the opportunity to use multiple social media apps on one page with extra features like managing the multiple accounts and sharing news feed and updates of one account to the other or on other social media like sharing the tweet on twitter to your any facebook account.

Increase and entertain your Followers:

If you are an admin of the facebook page or any celebrity than you should have to keep yourself up to date that how to manage your followers. There is analytic  feature in the facebook and twitter social media that let you know that what should you post and when should it be posted to attain the attention of your followers .

SocialCamp is available for free download at the App Store but if you want to avail the unlimited features like managing more than the two account and  unlimited scheduling of your posts than you have to purchase the app and then you can enjoy the unlimited features.