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July 11, 2012iPhoneNo comments


Social networking is now an inherent part of many people’s lives, especially those of younger generations. It’s an effective means of communicating with friends and acquaintances, and in its best form it can assist in building consciousness of pressing current affairs such as the Arab Spring and other political movements. Never has information been shared so freely and openly between like minds, and the consequences can be far reaching in terms of building business opportunities or merely exploring facets of your own personality; laid bare on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace.

More and more people now use their mobile devices to assist them in keeping a constant social networking profile, and so social networking apps are becoming ever more popular. Tweetdeck is a fine example of an App that can enhance your enjoyment of a social media platform such as Twitter.

Tweetdeck is advertised as bringing ‘…more flexibility and insight to power users’, an apt description of a product that seems to be an upgrade of the whole Twitter experience; managing Twitter feeds in real time and organising and sharing files such as images, videos and photos online. You can also extend your word limit past the 140 word maximum, giving Twitter a whole new dimension and added depth. Tweetdeck supports Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.

The ‘Activity and Interactions’ section of Tweetdeck seems particularly insightful as it gives you a rundown of who has started following you, when they make you a favourite, and when they re-tweet your comments.

Twitter has become one of the most important information-sharing social networks going, and it provides genuine insight into our daily lives and thoughts on a level never before seen. To add a new dimension to an already rounded service, download the Tweetdeck App – often considered a fuller and more intriguing version of Twitter itself. If you need to upgrade your phone to download these apps visit Phones 4 U.


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