Slots Romance Android App


October 26, 2014AndroidNo comments

Slotting game is fun and we all love to play it not in casinos but also at many other places. Slot games bring an excitement while you play it. The spinning lines make you eager to know that what the surprise is hidden when they will stop.

Slots Romance Android App:

It looks like that developer of Slots Romance also had that in their minds. This is why; they have created this superbly catchy and well made game. I really loved to play that game when I installed it first time and then I always want to play it. The game is very well themed and the time is also very appropriate, which helps you in playing in complete peace.

The game is available for free for both of the Android and iPhone users. Yes! This sounds something amazing that the users of Android and iPhone can get this game at the same time. The layout for both of the Operating Systems is done in the same way and you will not feel any difference while playing it.

The new version 1.1 30 of Slots Romance is now available and you can get the features like:

  • New interesting sounds.
  • Double Feature which is all new.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • The new store set up.

Furthermore, with these features you will also find the new machines in the new version, which are Guinevere and Tarzan & Jane AND King Arthur. Don’t these updates look enormous for you to start playing with again?

The game is available in almost all the languages including German, English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Korean.

For the iPad, it can work on the iOS5 and on all the advance versions. Also on the devices like iPod, iPhone and iPod touch, it will work fine. For the Android, it works on all the Android smartphones and tablets.

You also get bonuses when you play well and make money continuously. The game is ultimately fun when you collect coins and make money without any fear of losing. Just hit the slot and you will be rich in no time!