Shooting The Duck Kids Game for Android


April 28, 2012iPhoneNo comments


Today I found one of the old time duck shooting kids game that is now available for Android. I remember when I was in 5th Grade I play duck shooting game on my Nintendo console with infra-red gun. That was an amazing time and no one known that in future we can play that duck shooting game on Android smart phone. The time has change but old memories are remain with us like Duck shooting and Snow Bros game. Token XYFH268AKPP8

Now the duck season is open again, pack your bag for hunting ducks with your Android phone. You can use accelerometer or touchscreen to shoot the flying ducks and participate is worldwide duck hunting competition.

The interface of the game is sleek and stylish which attract the player to play again and again. As you can see in the below screen shot from Google Play.

Shooting the Duck is available on Google Play; you can free download it from Google Play here.

Follow the screen instructions to download and install Shooting the duck on your Android device. Once done, it will appear on your apps list. The game play is very simple just tap the game icon, Go to > Options and select the target mode accelerometer or touchscreen > click to continue and then you are ready to play.

You may follow the below video tutorial of Shooting the Duck game to know more.


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