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It is said that music is the food of the soul So if you are the music lover you can tell easily that to which extent this saying is true. Music has the ability to change your mood.  Sometimes it happens that you want to listen some music and it is not in your playlist so don’t worry in such situation ShareOnAudio is there for you just turn it will give the direct access to the device from you want to listen your favorite music. ShareOnAudio is the unique and the different app , it is not like the other music players. It is the only wifi music player for the Android in the market.

Interesting Features of the ShareOnAudio:
shareoandroid app

  • Play Modes:

It is not like that it is the wifi Music player so you can’t repeat or change the songs. You are able to listen the song as many times as you want because of the various play modes of the app.  You can change the song, repeat all songs or repeat one song.

  • Fast Browsing:

You can easily search the songs of your choice like you can search or categorize through the albums, songs or by the artists. If you want to listen the songs that are in the other device use the DLNA compatible devices on your wifi networks. You can easily browse through the folders and search the music from your list.

  • Accessing iTunes Library:

ShareOnAudio is the only app that is allowing you to access your iTunes library that is on the  computer form the mobile so you don’t have to download and transfer your music on the mobile you can directly access your system.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of the application is user friendly . User is going to get no difficulty while searching and accessing his music player list on the other device.

  • High Quality Music:

Enjoy the high quality music only with   DLNA supported speakers.

  • Manage your Music List:

You can easily manage and organize your music list in the all devices that are on the same wifi connection.

Why ShareOnAudio is the Unique Music Player:

ShareOnAudio Player is the unique app because it is not like the other music player apps available in the market. You don’t have t download the music files in your system to listen them. This app gives you the direct access to the your system. No matter where the music is you can easily play it whether it is in other device or in iTunes. If it is in the other device you have to use the DLNA compatible devices  so you can easily link to your device. So now there is no need to switch to other device or transfer and download the music files that you want to  listen.

You just have to take care that the devices you are accessing are on the same network because when the network access point is the same you can easily access the device . The best part of the app is that it automatically synchronizes with your all devices and you are able to easily manage your music list in your all devices. Enjoy the exiting features now by downloading the app from the App Store. If you have any queries feel free to contact us by sending us email at

You can free download ShareOnAudio from Google Play here.


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