Share Your Feelings Anonymously via ShareWhere App


June 12, 2014Apps iPhone1 Comment

Sharing is always relaxing and sometimes entertaining whether it is about belongings or thoughts. In olden times, to share feelings and secrets, people approach friends and loved ones. However, with the advent of technology, our approach has become more technical as well. This is the reason, which is why now people prefer to share their feelings, secrets, and emotions in tech savvy manner and for this purpose, various social media sites and smartphone apps are available.

ShareWhere – Anonymous Local Sharing

Via these sites and apps, I also used to share my fun feelings and secrets with my friends. To enjoy this fun for long time, I keep on finding new apps to be used on my iPhone.

Few days back, I was exploring Apple app online store where I found ShareWhere app. From the name of the app, I got clicked that it would be a sharing app and yes I was right. With the help of this amazing app, the user can express his all types of feelings in an anonymous manner. Even the life situations can also be shared.  Apart from this, with the help of ShareWhere app, you can also enjoy various other features including the followings:

  • You cannot highlight your feelings via text but can also do the same via any image.
  • You can also comment on posts of others without showing your real identity.
  • Private messaging is also possible
  • Last but not the least, you can also stay up-to-date about your favorite locations and can also check as many story boards as you want.

If you also want to enjoy using this fun app but you do not have iPhone then no need to worry, as you can also use this app on iPad and iPod Touch. It is because this smart app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

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  1. george

    Just got the app, really like it so far, nice find.

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