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We always love to express our emotions whether we are sad or happy. It helps us to communicate in a better way. They are best to express our real feelings, which we are going through at that time. The best part is that this display of emotions is not restricted to real life communication only. We all know that it is an era of technology and most of us love to use gadgets. When everyone is using gadgets, these days, the use of emotions while communicating via gadgets has also become common.

MeeYu iPhone Emotion App Features:

Have you noticed that different people communicate differently especially during their chats on their gadgets. Hence, display of some emotions becomes confusing sometimes. Do you know how? I am sure that you have come across the word ‘Aww’ girls love to use while communicating to each other. This ‘Aww’ can be used to show care, sympathy, and sadness for someone else, thus, can be confusing. Hence, according to me, use of some pictorial emotions is far better than expressing the emotions in words. Based on this conclusion of mine, I searched an emotion app named as MeeYu.

Meeyu is a free app, which I downloaded in my iPhone. The best thing is that if you are an iPad or iPod Touch user, even then you can download this app from Apple app online store to use it on your gadget. Besides sharing 8 main emotions available in this app, you can also enjoy many other features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Meeyu app allows you to express your emotions with your friends, family members, and familiars quickly.
  • To access your loved ones easily, you can categorize them using this app.
  • The most amazing feature is that you can view the entire mood history while using this app. With his feature, you will be able to know what emotions you have already shared with your familiars.
  • Last but not the least, Facebook integration option is also available in this app so that the user can share his or her status on Facebook while using different Meeyu emotions to make the status look more appealing.

You can free download MeeYu iPhone emotions app from Apple App Store here.


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