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Busy in your Routine life?? Your Friend and family is complaining you that you are not managing time for them ?? Feeling Difficulty in  Managing  the change in the schedules??  Than try Schedule Ninja this app is going to get out of this Problem now it is so easy to manage your contacts in just one click. You can manage as  many groups as you want like separate group for your  family members and for your friends and colleagues. Communicating with your friends, family and colleagues in groups is so easy just because of the Schedule Ninja.

Unique Features of the Schedule Ninja:

  • Call and email your friends , family and the workers in just one click.
  • You can create as many groups as you want.
  • You can send the alert messages to all the group members by using the broadcast.
  • Simple and easy to use in simple steps
  • Managing the Groups and the data.
  • There is no need to use the system in order to manage all these schedules and the calendars you can manage and organize all your list at any time anywhere.

Send Sms , Call and Email in just one click:

Schedule Ninja has the similar functionality like Gmail and the MS Outlook. The best and the unique part of the app is that it works with all your online calendars and the other management app like the message applications and  the contacts management  in your Phone.In this busy life and specially if you have the tough and the busy routine it is very difficult to manage your time for  your friends and family  but now by using Schedule Ninja you can take You can create a group manage the contacts in it and then you can send them one message and is sent to all the contacts in that group.

Communicating the Same Information to all the Members of Group:

Schedule Ninja is the best app for the office workers  because there are so many unplanned changes sometimes in the schedules and the calendars . If there is any change in the schedule of the work or any other information you can inform all the worker very easily. if you arranged the meeting with the workers if there was the change in the schedule than how you are going to inform all the workers?? It is really difficult process to send each and every worker the same information one by one. Schedule Ninja is the best app in such cases that helps you to send the same message in just one to all group of the workers.

This is the perfect app that you can use to ensure that there are no more missed meetings and the other important events. You don’t need to worry about that all the contacts and the people you have to inform are getting the same information or not.  So what are you waiting for friends. Make your life more easier and simple by using the Schedule Ninja. You can free download Schedule Ninja App from Apple App Store.


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