Save The Sensors Data of Android Device with GeoLog App


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For saving the sensors data for the device GeoLog works the best for it. The data which it saves includes GPs, compass, acceleration etc. for your device so that the site coverage can be calculated for your desired device. Applications of geology for android are given below.

Data saving:

GeoLog saves the data sensors for your desired device so that you can easily log the file and then can calculate the site coverage. Here coverage means that the ration is being calculated of the track that has covered the area to that area that has covered the site. The ration is expressed in the form of percentage. You can free download GeoLog Android app from Google Play here.

geolog android app

geolog android app 2

Geolog 2

It creates the geophotos that means it able so to synchronize the photos with the log that has being made from any camera. This creates geophotos that it supplies the photos with the geographic coordinates and the orientation of the camera while in the moment of shooting. With any kind or type of device your data can be recorded in a much modified form. If you want to visualize your photos then you can log to geocam.


It is the best powerful designed tool for the modification, creation and to preview the geophotos. This geophotos means that photos are supplied with lots of the additional information that includes coordination of geographic, orientation of the camera during the moment of shooting, and the comments etc. by reviewing this information you can share your photos gallery with all your friends and your social circles. You can also share your desired object with all your friends, colleagues, family friends, employees. The location of the desired objects can be determined of objects of photographed and the estimated distance can also be measured. Now many new features of geolog are invented that entertains you more. In the everyday life you can make any desired geophoto for creating the memory that where it was taken.

geo cam android app

You can free download GeoCam android app from Google Play here.

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