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Safe Connect is the software for Android operating system developed by Secrets Line Ltd. The program is designed to protect Android-based devices from unauthorized theft of personal information through the Internet, that is, in fact, Safe Connect blocks external access to the device.
The program supports the majority of Android-devices: smart phones, tablet computers, netbooks and many others. Besides, Safe Connect supports the mobile Internet as well as wireless Wi-Fi connection.
Efficiency of the program is gained by means of substitution of the real IP-address of the client as well as by means of additional encryption of output traffic. As a result, any data on actions or surfing of the user become inaccessible for tracing which makes it impossible for various commercial (and not only commercial) organizations to use of information on the user. Moreover, the software allows to reduce traffic substantially. This application also gives an opportunity to block advertising.

So, what is the principle of Safe Connect work? After the user installs Safe Connect, the system service establishes PPTP connection with one of the servers by default. All traffic goes through the given connection, so any external Internet resource isn’t capable to specify the real IP-address of the user. There is one more important point: blocking of undesirable content on the part of the client which unloads the Internet channel.

There are two versions of Safe Connect: paid and free. It is natural that the free version of the application is limited and protects devices only for 5 hours per week. The paid version gives constant protection.
Besides its basic functions, Safe Connect supports Open VPN technology which increases substantially the level of reliability of the Internet connection as well as decreases the level of dependence on various operators’ settings.
At present the program functions in a test mode, Secrets Line Ltd is constantly improving its application. The users’ opinions and their wishes concerning the work of the program are taken into consideration. During the beta testing period the hours given to users won’t be written off. Considering time for software trial as well as the scale of the user audience, the developer will surely create a worthy and stably working product which will take quite a good place in the market of applications for the devices operating on the basis of Android operating system.

You can download Safe Connect from Google Play here.


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