ProOnGo The Best Expense Tracking App for Android

ProOnGo Expense Tracking App is definitely the most comprehensive application on the market, that allowing you to record your expenses by taking pictures of your receipts (we auto-extract the merchant, date and total amount to create an expense), emailing in your eReceipts (again, auto-extract the info for you), record mileage expenses and time expenses, as well as download your credit card transactions.

ProOnGo Expense Tracking App also has a unique feature that no other expense tracking company offers; the ability to conform to company’s expense report spreadsheets. So if your company has a spreadsheet that they require you to fill out to submit your expenses, we can integrate it into the app, so you’ll automatically export to your proper format each time.
Checkout the cool interface of ProOnGo Expense Tracking App:

ProOnGo Expense Tracking App coming out new features all the time and will soon be announcing QuickBooks integration via the Intuit App Center, where they promise to deliver the most comprehensive QuickBooks integration compared to all of the other expense trackers on the market.

Last feature, If you run a small business, we have a Web Portal in which you can add employees, view their expenses, Approve/Deny the expenses, then create an expense report.

You may checkout the list of cool features of ProOnGo:

• Attach Receipt Images and Read Receipts; automatically extracts Merchant, Date and Total Amount
• Email-in eReceipts and have info automatically extracted
• Mileage Expense Tracker via GPS, Odometer and City Name
• Time Expense Tracker
• Credit Card Integration
• Export to Excel, XML, CSV, QuickBooks
• Web Portal – use the app from your desktop
• Expense Storage and Backup – Download old expenses to new phones
• Workflow – Become and Admin and Approve/Deny your employee’s expenses
• Contact Integration – associate expenses with clients
• Multiple Currencies and Exchange Rates support.
• Recurring weekly or monthly expenses
• Remembered Merchants and Locations
• Offline Mode in case you have no internet connection
• Custom Expense Report Package for Businesses – Upload your company template on the ProOnGo Web Portal and we’ll integrate it into your app.

You can free download ProOnGo Expense Tracking App from Android Market here.

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  1. Sandeep

    Have you tried LogMaster? I use it and am quite happy with it.

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