Princess Color pages

Girls of all ages are always attracted towards colors, clothes, and princesses. No doubt every girl is a princess to her father. It is from the beginning of a girl’s life that she wants to be a princess. Little girls in particular are always enticed towards coloring games. Princess color pages has an added feature that it offers girls to color the princesses. All the princesses presented in the book are the ones that are well known to the girls through some story, animated movie or books etc. Girls color them according to their wish and also share them with their friends too.

What the game offers to the girls?

  • The game has 36 coloring pages for the users.
  • For multicolored paintings, 35 colors are offered.
  • Three different sizes of the erasers and brushes are offered in the game.
  • The gadgets are adorned with save and store capability.
  • Girls can share the coloring pages with their friends and family members via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.
  • Melodious background sound adds to the experience of the girls in every manner

This is perfect game for the girls. They are going to love it anyways.

Disclaimer: This app is unofficial. Relevant corporations have the copyrights and trademark of the princesses shown or represented in the game.