Primate U: Banana Blitz Catch- a drop and catch style game

Primate U: Banana Blitz Catch is a fun loving drop and catch style game. This game is between you and Primate. Meet Safari Sam, he’s your companion on your safari trip. He is not so clever than comparatively any other human being. Both you and Sam lost and hungry somewhere in the jungle. Then after sometimes you and Sam discover banana trees with full of bananas. But there is a problem to collect the bananas because Monkey Kong Evil Clan; and they’re not friendly to contribute to their bananas with humans! Miguel the Monkey, Carl Gibbon, Cameron Chimpanzee, Cobe Kong and other members of the gang will begin to attack from the top trees throwing whatever they can for ruining your basket of bananas.

you should aware about falling fake hazards. Your mission is to collect all bananas without losing any single bananas and advance to the next level with a new primate species and more bananas. It’s a spontaneous endless fun loving game for game lovers. This game is a superior mixture of background jungle music and funny sound effects. You just love to playing it. The interface section of this game is quite superb. The negative part of this game is ads will appear between two level but there is a way to reduce these ads you just have to spend some money for it. You can share your high score with your friends and family by facebook social linking.

Primate U: Banana Blitz Catch is a face-paced action will test your hand eye synchronization for hours of performing. Banana Blitz Catch Available Now FREE on Google Play Store and IOS Store. Steal the bananas of the clan and have a banana split to celebrate your victory!

You can download from here

Android –Primate U: Banana Blitz Catch

IOS –Primate U: Banana Blitz Drop & Catch Adventure