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POS is the basic requirement in every business for this purpose Key Register LLC has introduced the Point of Sale App.Every shopkeeper has the need of this system because it is so difficult to manually process the transactions. Using the POS you can have the record of all the retail transactions and you can also keep record of your customers. This app is very easy to use  with anywhere because of the simple and  user friendly interface. For the Retailer store this Point of Sale app is very helpful. If you going to use this app you can easily track your customers record, their transactions the deduction you have given and the tax you have collected .

Point of Sale Android App:

Managing Transaction on the system is little bit lengthy process there are chances of losing record in case where the light suddenly switch off.There is the Super Advanced Back End Feature that helps the user to add the products in the list very easily. Point of Sale app is the best way to efficiently automate your all records There is the one unique and the best module in this Point of Sale app Social Media Integrated Rewards Program by using that you can grow your revenues . there are separate accounts for the admin and the workers this feature is going to help you in track the number of the deals and the transactions made.

Reports of Your Choice and the Online POS :

Create the Repots according to your requirement. You can print daily monthly or annual record list, the total amount of the tax calculated .This Point of Sale  app is automated and online both.  The online selling feature of the Point of  Sale app helps you to sell your product more easily. You can also process the Credit Card Transaction. You can also connect with the Quickbooks  or the Xero in order to manage your business .

Features of the Point of Sale App:

  • You can easily Search all the Products that you are Selling by using the Search Functionality
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Easily add the Products in your System.
  • Give the Discounts to your customers
  • Easy calculation
  • Record the Payment Method that either it was the Cash or Credit card
  • View , Add, Print Reports of the transactions
  • Report of the Refunds and the record of the all transactions
  • Tax deductions Record
  • Add Items Manually or by Searching the code of the item.
  • You can easily create as many categories as you want.
  • List Record of all the customers.
  • Yearly and the Monthly Reports of  your choice.
  • Printing and Viewing the Receipt
  • Online Store
  • Separate Accounts of Admin and the Workers
  •  Saving the Records as the Drafts.
  • Social Media Marketing to Increase your Sales

Point of Sale app is easy to use it is available free of cost at Play Store. Download this app now and automate your business records now. Once  you are going to install this app you will be asked to enter the your user id and the password. After log in choose the all item button and the list of all the products is displayed. You can create unlimited number of categories of your choice. If you have any queries you can email at sales@posimplicity.com



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