Play with Colorful Cats via MeowMix iPhone Game


October 31, 2014Games iPhoneNo comments

Cats are our all time favorite and we love to have them as a pet. There are many stuffed toys, video games and movies, which have been made on cats. No doubt, they are more cute animals that we can have with us. Cats are playful as well and they learn to play very quickly.

This game MeowMix is an iTune game with some really cute looking kittens in different colors. This game gives a chance to the players to interact with the kittens by touching and playing with them. When the player touch kittens, the meow, they sharpen their claws, hold foot, yawn and get touched. This sounds fun!

How to play this game?

There are many colorful cats in this game. You have to play carefully when dragging the figures from here to there. You have to place them at the right place, otherwise the kitten will disintegrate and drop to the ground.

While playing the game, you have to create the chain of same color kittens. You have to draw the big chain of similar color kittens, so that you will earn more points. When you continuously score by matching colored kittens, you will also get bonus points. The shape and direction of the kittens can also get shifted just by touching the screen.

As the game gets further, the speed of falling kittens increases. The game gets over when the kittens get filled to the top. You have to play smartly with the speed to make as much points as you can.

The game is exclusively available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch players. The players can download it for free and its version 1 is available right now. Whether any adult or any kid want to have spend some good leisure time, they can play and enjoy this game.

So, get this game from iTunes today and have fun with your playful kittens.