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December 19, 2013Apps iPhoneNo comments

I am a true Apple fan and I believe that Apple online app store can offer me everything I want in my gadget. Based on my belief, I was searching for the story based app for my kid when I came across it’s me! Peter Pan. I found it one of the amazing apps that can be considered the most suitable one for the kids. It is based on the story of Peter Pan, which its name shows but the interesting part is that while using this app, your kid can become the part of story too. I was not sure of this feature unless I get this app for my beloved kid for free. The best part is that this app requires iOS 6.0 later, which is why the user can get this app not only in iPhone but also in iPad and iPod Touch. However, keep in mind that to use this app, your gadget must have 388 MB free space in its memory.

it’s me! Peter Pan:


Apart from easy and free availability, another thing, which compelled me to get this app, was its amazing features. As I was saying before that with this app, you can make your kid the part of Peter Pan’s Netherland adventures. Do you know how? It is simple, as it’s me! Peter Pan app offers customization facility in the app using which you can customize the Peter Pan face by replacing your kid’s picture there. I found this amazing. I am sure that you will experience the same when you will use this colorful app. Another best thing is that it’s me! Peter Pan app is available in different languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English due to which my kid love sharing it with his foreigner friends.

The story does not end here, as if one would say that this app is a free package of countless features then it will not be wrong.  My kid enjoys playing puzzles and making paintings via it’s me! Peter Pan app. I must say that if you are looking for the best app for your child then you must try it’s me! Peter Pan. You can free download It’s Me Peter Pan from Apple App Store here.

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