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“Tonido File Access Share Sync” is the number one Personal Cloud app of Android available on Google Play Store. This Cloud app allows you to access share and sync your entire collection of the documents, photos, music and videos in your computer. Tonido Personal Cloud app can be plug from anywhere. This Cloud app is very effective and easy to use as compared to other Cloud apps. Tonido Personal Cloud app is far and away best personal Cloud app on Android because of its smooth and clean interface and stability.Tonido Personal Cloud app is like having your PC in your pocket. One can interact with their devices in easy and fast way. Tonido Personal Cloud app stream over wifi its easy to configure and the best part is its free.Tonido Personal Cloud app plays all the videos and the Audio formats .It is really convenient to access files from your computer in just one click.

Why we Choose Personal Cloud App:

The main advantage of the Tonido Personal Cloud app is that it uses a tree structured file manager which makes file manipulation quite simple. One can easily stream his music,pictures,videos file to the smartphone allowing them to be used anywhere. Tonido access app is just like the dropbox but 1000 times better than that. So now there is no need of using dropbox. Use Tonido Cloud app all the features one could hope  for a Cloud app are there in Tonido.Instead of downloading the large TV shows onto your phone you can simply download it to your desktop computer and stream the files live and watch everywhere. This Cloud app is great for those who need to show their picture to family and friends love watching videos and listening music in their phones. Too many pictures and the data can slow down your phone so Tonido Cloud app gives you the solution. It’s a great way t stream your files to mobile. Personal. It is the best streaming app . Tonido Personal Cloud app balances your security and usability and its effective and reliable. You can be anywhere in the world and you can stream videos to your phone . Just one click and you can open your files,folders,pictures,music and the videos stored on your computer from your android device.

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All Formats Supported:

Tonido Personal Cloud app has all your personal media including files, folders, music, pictures, videos indexed by name, date and the media information such as the artist album and sorts. Tonido Personal Cloud app allows you to stream the videos from your computer to device. All the videos formats are supported Tonido  automatically converts most videos formats including the AVI,MP4, MKV, VOB, XVID, WMV by using Live Video transcoding. Tonido sync app Stream your entire music collections in different formats  including FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3 without saving them locally. By using Tonido Personal Cloud app you can easily Stream iTunes Playlists to your Android device and browse your files and documents, download them locally on device, edit them and again upload them back. The unique feature of the Tonido Personal Cloud app is that you can download for the offline use .Save the documents and the all other media locally so even if there is no internet connection you can access your personal data.You can Share selected files, music, pictures, videos to guest users either by creating direct links to the files or by emailing the files. Tonido Personal Cloud app allows you to create and Manage music playlists for your music you can View photos  in any of the formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, CRW  and Wirelessly Download files directly to your Android devices.Tonido allows you to access the data from your computer and also it allows you to upload to your home computer. The best part is this app is free. Tonido Personal Cloud app is the fast, easy and reliable way to access and share your documents. music, photos, videos, files and folders .All you need is the computer with Windows, Mac and Linux or a TonidoPlug .Now there is no need to carry the USB everywhere.

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To Install this app and get started use these steps.

1: Install Tonido Desktop server for your operating system from

2: Create an account and leave your computer powered on.

3: Enter the account information in the Android app and now you app is ready to use.

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Unique Features of Tonido:

Tonido Personal Cloud app gives you easy access to your Computer. The unique part of the app is that even if there is no internet connection you can access your data and it works in the two ways. If you have a photo in your phone and you would like to upload on your computer at home you can upload easily and if you would like to have something from your computer you can access it in your phone. There is no uploading to the Public Servers. There is no storage limit for the Tonido Personal Cloud app you can store whatever you want. No matter where you are you can stay in touch with your Computer. Tonido Personal Cloud app is designed and optimized for the tablet form factor. It is one of the beautiful, functional and reliable app in the Google Play store to stream, access, and share your files, music, folders and videos. All the features one could hope for a Cloud app are there in Tonido File Access Share Sync. Download Tonido now and experience the joy.

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Tonido Personal Cloud app requires some permissions while installation

  • Full Network Access

The full network access allows the Tonido Cloud app to create the network sockets and use the network protocols. Don’t worry this permission is not required to send your data to the internet.

  • Read Phone Status and Identity

By giving this permission you allow the Tonido Personal Cloud app to access the phone features of the device. This Permission allows the Tonido Personal Cloud app to determine the phone number and the id of the device, the call is active or not and the remote number connected to the call.

  • Modifying the contents of USB Storage

This permission allows the Tonido Personal Cloud app to write to the USB storage.

All the technical support is provided through Tonido User support forums:

Be a registered user and feel free to ask what you are confused at and whatever you want:
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You can download Tonido app from Google Play here.

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