Periscope Pro Best IP Camera App for Mac OSX


December 13, 2014Mac AppsNo comments

Advanced camera storage features are the things, which we need for our Mac now. The Periscope Pro is an app, which will enhance your video making and audio recording features. It has aspects like Sound and Motion Activation, which has an automatic setup for the cameras. This app also offers you the additional feature of In-App Clip Library.

Periscope Pro Best IP Camera App for Mac OSX:

You just need an internet connection to record everything, which is worth recording. You can use USB microphone, IP camera, built-in camera, and microphone to record the videos and audios. You can do this from anywhere, either from filing cabinet, from your desk, vacation desk, front door or from anywhere you want to.

The system of this app lets you record anything when there is something worthy to record with the motion and sound detection feature. Moreover, it takes very low storage space in your Mac and you will be able to record everything without any stoppage. Your saved clips are automatically uploaded on DropBox and you can see them, plus send them anytime you want.

Unlike other IP cameras, the Periscope Pro camera is prompt, simple, and advance. You only need to add the model and camera’s address and it will get set itself. You can also separate the USB or IP camera from the Mac.

Periscope Pro lets you:

  • It supports the IP camera.
  • It is easy to lose and can be set up within a minute.
  • There are operating modes like audio detection, motion detection or even both.
  • With the window preview you see that if it is working correctly or not.
  • You can record with or without sound.
  • You can hide the camera from the users.
  • When you move or speak, the levels change.
  • You can place a password on it too.
  • You can optimally compress the clips as well if it occupies the space.

You can read more about app and try its free version on their official website

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