Pearl Hunter Dangerous Android Game


August 13, 2014Android Games iPhoneNo comments

Are you searching for any exiting and adventurous game than you must try Pear Hunter.This is an amazing game app that is developed by 3Logic especially for the adventurous game lovers.In  Pearl Hunter you have to find the pearls from the ocean and while searching and collecting the pearls you are going to face the difficulties and hurdles and this is the main task to successfully cross all those hurdles in order to collect the pearls and win the game.

Jimmy the Player:

There is one main character in Pearl Hunter named as Jimmy that is the user or player of the app. In order to win that game he has to find the pearls that are deep down in the ocean and to get those pearls he has to fight with so many hurdles.

How to Survive:

One thing you have to keep care of is that you have collect bubbles in the ocean so you can survive in the ocean because these bubbles are not normal bubbles these are the oxygen bubbles. If you want extra life in Pearl Hunter than for that you have to collect diamonds. Five diamonds are going to give you one life.

Well Designed graphics and attractive Sounds:

The amazing graphics and attractive sound plays of the Pearl Hunter never let you distract from the game. This game is fun to play. Try this anywhere at your workplace, home or when you are free or getting bore. Play this game and you will yourself refreshed.

Exiting Levels:

There are so many exiting levels in Pearl Hunter, you can choose any level of your choice. All the levels are different from each other so you are not get bored. In each level the hurdles, landscapes and level of difficulty is different.

This fantastic adventurous game is available free of cost. You can download it from App Store and Play Store. No hidden charges are there to play Pearl Hunter. Feel free to ask any query regarding Pearl Hunter your suggestion and feedback are always welcomed because they are the best source to get know that our valuable customers are satisfied with app and the updates in the app or not.