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Note AnyTime is an advanced note taking app that lets you create beautiful handwritten notes on your tablet or smartphone for absolutely free. It is a universal app that is available for all versions of iOS , as well as tablets and smartphone, for windows and now for Android. A good Note taking app can certainly accelerate your business (digital note taking) and also can replace your notebook, posted notes, flip boards , white boards and much more. You may chekcout 5 best free education apps for students.

note anytime andorid app


PDF With advanced morphology in your Phone:
PDF’s can be imported into the app and you can add handwritten annotations to them. When you are done with the work, you can save as another PDF , Sharing them is easy and you never have to print them out. It is an ideal app for reviewing documents and communicating with your colleagues.


Organize your ideas on a virtual whiteboard:
Note Anytime provides a large editing space and thanks to the annotation feature you can mark up and make drawing around your documents as well. Handwriting, text, sketching around images and webpages have never been so easy. You can edit any content quickly with the Note Anytime tool. You can even capture websites and additionally add more annotations over the webpage that you have accessed. Because the producd has an interactive web browser within it, you can even open webpage from within the app.
How to use Note Anytime App: Watch Video Demo

Note Anytime – Accelerates Digital Note-Taking – YouTube from Note Anytime on Vimeo.

Present Content:

Stylish Writing feature lets your pen stylus or your finger move on the screen free hand just as smoothly as a pen runs on paper. Calligraphy pens make your letters look even more stylish.

android note taking app
Zooming features inclued 50x scaling and high level resolution vector graphics, All of your information is stored on one page, so this also a presentation tool to replace slides. The JUMP feature lets you bookmark specific areas of your document, which makes navigating your document easier.

note taking android app
Our assessment is that this cross-platform app is much more than it first appears. The sketching and drawing options are vast, Digital Scrap Booking is a splendid mashup tool that can easily make collage of photos, graphics and even webpages visually stunning and the option of pens and paper styles make it very versatile.
Note Anytime is available absolutely free now, you can install it from Google Play here!

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You can also follow Note Aytime on Facebook and twitter. Stay tuned for more cool and informative apps. If you are student then don’t forget to check out these top 5 interesting mobile apps for students.

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