New Angry Birds Season Moon Festival Free for Download


September 3, 2011Android2 Comments


Great news for Angry Birds lovers, wait is over: Angry Birds Season Moon Festival is just released and available for free download. This new update is following 3000 year old chines mooncake festival. It great honors for the Chinese that this time Angry Birds season is specially designed for their mooncake festival. In this festival big think they can hide themselves in the midst of all the celebrations but they can’t hide them because Angry Birds is arrived the moon festival to kick of these pigs.

Angry Birds Season Moon Festival:

The new Angry Birds Moon season includes 30 brand new levels that are filled with pagodas, rabbits and red lanterns, lit by a dazzling harvest moon.

Checkout the cool screenshots of New Angry Birds Chines Moon Cake festival Season.

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You may checkout Angry Birds Season Moon Festival Video Demo:

The Angry Birds New Season is available on the market. You can free download Angry Birds Season Moon Festival from Android Market here.

Or you can download it, by scanning below QR code.

2 Responses to “New Angry Birds Season Moon Festival Free for Download”
  1. Bob

    The pigs wearing the traditional chinese hats looks so cute. I love this new update! It’s a good move on the part of Rovio to commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival since China is fast becoming their number one market.

  2. itsehsan

    Thanks for your input. Yeah, its looks really cool and amazing. Everyone love to play with them <3 .

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