myGolfstats + GPS My Dad’s Best New Year Gift


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To buy something for your loved one, which can give him/her pleasure and happiness is the most satisfactory feeling. I am sure everyone makes the purchase of gift items based on the same approach. The purpose is not to cherish the happy moments of the individual but also to give him/her something valuable. With the same approach,I decide to give some thing unique as New Year Gift. I wanted to buy something for him, which can give him pleasure in all coming years but I was really confused. First of all, I thought of buying an iPhone for him then I realized that he already own one. Moreover, iPhone was out of my budget too. This also made me realize that despite of the fact that I wanted to give something valuable to my father, I had to find something within my budget. I kept on thinking and ended with many ideas like buying a shirt, a cup, or a pen for my dad. Later on I felt that I was giving an ordinary gift to my father and I did not like this feel.
iphone golf app

After brainstorming all ideas, a really unique and useful thing come in mind that is iPhone app, because my dad bought new iPhone and he need some great apps. But which app I must buy was my real concern. Once again, I started thinking and then I planned to buy an app related to golf, as it was my dad’s favorite game. There were lots of golf related games available on Apple online app store but I wanted to buy something near to reality and at last, I got myGolfstats + GPS, an amazing app offered by Bill Helman. There were the two following best things about this app, which made me compelled to make its purchase as my dad’s New Year gift:

  • There was no download cost for this app. The user just had to pay its semiannual cost, which was just $2.99.
  • This app could be used on not only iPhone but also iPod Touch and iPad.

Apart from this, myGolfstats + GPS app offers lots of other features, which are as follows:

  • With GPS functionality, maximum 4 players can enjoy playing golf.
  • It offers more than 33000 courses.
  • The facility to watch out progress via scores’ graph is also possible.
  • Other features of myGolfstats + GPS include USGA handicap card, sharing with friends via social media account, club distances, and much more.

I was quite happy that my dad loved this New Year gift and he will keep playing enjoying using this app for entire year. You can download myGolfstats+GPS iPhone App from Apple App Store here.


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