Music Learning iPhone App for Kids


October 31, 2014iPhoneNo comments

Are you looking for a music mentor for your child? Do you want your child to learn something worthy and qualitative? If yes, then you need to have this Ding app on your iPhone gadget then. The amazing app, which is equipped with all the right music beats and instruments.

Music Learning iPhone App for Kids:

In the app, the animals are singing the songs and playing music, which look quite a fun and catchy to the children. Many of the parents are now installing this app in their iOS devices because they like it when their children are playing and learning at the same time. This app is easy to handle and play with by the children as well. Moreover, the parents are not required to be present around everytime the kids play with this app.

This app has some very nice facets, such as:

  • There are more than 100 sounds in it. While playing music, instruments change their playing style automatically. This game has some song as well, which you can sing along while watching their lyrics on screen. It has play modes like you can play all together, repeat one time or one time listening only. Whenever you play a whole beat, you get one point.
  • This app offers you 33 instruments. With this app, you will get a chance to play the instruments like acoustic guitar, Sogo, Melodica, Xylophone, piano, harp, maracas, coyer four, recorder, lyre, violin, drum, salt, and many others.
  • You get coins when you play the sounds, listen to the music, play your own tunes, etc. Whenever you buy any new instrument or decoration, you will have to use the coin.
  • The app can be accessible by paying subscription fee as well. There are different packages for a week, month and a year. You can use the app on other iOS devices with the same account.

This app seems like a must-have for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch if you are a true music lover.


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