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No need to worry anymore that your phone call appears to be inappropriate because of time difference. uLtiClock Widget will remind you to congratulate your relatives, friends and colleagues on winter holidays timely, especially if they are scattered around the world.
uLtiClock Widget is a reliable helper. It will simplify planning of meetings, phone calls and conferences in different time zones. The application is unique because it shows you not only the time in different countries. It also provides a visual scheme of how different time zones intersect with your current one. With this feature you will easily choose the best time for a call or online discussion. You may checkout 5 best clock apps for Android devices.

Multiple Time Zone clock android

Convenient, simple and user-friendly interface is so easy to use! You won’t even need to read any instructions for it. Colors of the application will visually explain when it’s better to make calls or conduct online events with participants from different parts of the world.
Green color indicates the working time. It’s the best for business calls and conferences.
Blue goes for morning and evening parts of the day. At this time it’s highly uncommon to make ordinary calls. However if it’s an urgent message, exclusions can be made.

ulticlock.widget android app
Violet color stands for the time of rest. Of course, any calls won’t be appreciated.
Meaning of black is easy to guess – it indicates the dead of night. At such a late time you must not disturb with phone calls even your friends.

uLtiClock Widget automatically figures out your time zone, so the only thing you have to do is just add the data about your friend’s location. If his or her schedule doesn’t coincide with the standard settings, you can always change the working or resting time in the widget.

Working with the app you should make sure that your time zone data base is correct, same as all the settings.

Negotiate, plan discussions, make calls and congratulate your relatives and friends. You won’t remember about confusing time zones! Keep in touch with people from around the whole planet together with uLtiClock Widget mobile application. App developers ( did their best to let you go with the times!

You can download uLtiClock Widget app from Google Play here.

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