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The Motormouth is Personal voice app by using which you can Record your voice wherever and whenever you want so it can be heard by the people who passes by. This app helps you in posting your voice on the social network sites. Reviews, notifications, reminders, comments, warnings all the information presented is based on the time and the settings. The interface of the app has made the posting, recording, listening much simpler. You can also add short text message while posting your voice to the social media. Lot of the users are leaving the relevant voice prints wherever they go. You may checkout 1o best iPhone apps for kids.

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Now Just Listen To What’s Happening Around You:

Motormouth app helps the users to record the short sound that automatically playbacks when someone is going to enter the place where the recording is made. This app brings amazing natural social experiences to the users. There is no need to text or type while driving just sit back listen to what’s happening around instead of searching for the irrelevant information. As you travel you are going to have finest audio clips that are made right near. You are able to share your voice by posting on your favorite apps, blogs, social tools. Just you have to tap to play the sounds or sit back listen to what’s going on. The app automatically streams newest sounds.

Motormouth Personal Voice App Unique Features:

  • Personal Voice Recorder
  • All the information is presented on the basis of the time and settings.
  • Record Short Sounds in the bytes
  • User can add the web address to their user profile.
  • Automatically playback sounds.
  • Simple Interface
  • Adding text messages  to your sound recordings
  • Its very easy to use
  • The users hear the recordings of nearby or people they are following.
  • Share your sounds recording on the social tools.
  • Geotagged  recordings
  • No typing is require just listen
  • User can add the Photo to their user profile.
  • Tap to play and sit back to listen
  • Listen recordings
  • Finest Audio Clips
  • Post Recordings
  • Automatically streaming of the newest sounds.
  • Easy to use
  • Great app to share personal recording with friends and your family.
  • Users leaving relevant sound recordings.
  • Record and talk
  • Record your sounds

The simple interface of the Motormouth app has made Sharing, listening, Recording the sounds easier. If you wanna listen what’s going on around you simply download the app from the App iTunes here.

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