Most Popular Games and Apps for Android


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Games are a very popular form of app for phones, and tablets. Currently, there are several popular game apps for you to try.

Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja is a popular game right now. This fruit filled action game has sold over one million downloads. To play, swipe your finger across the screen in order to slash fruit like any proud ninja would. There are bombs in this game. If found and hit, they will end your game. This game comes in different modes including classic, Zen and arcade. It is also possible to opt for multiplayer mode.

A long time classic game continues to be a popular gaming app, Bejeweled. This game comes in three different game modes. One of these is classic mode for jewel matching fun. The second mode is known as Diamond Mine for blasting gems. The third mode is Zen which is a way to relax while playing this popular game. As you move through the game, you collect achievement badges.

Where’s My Water:
Where’s My Water is a cute game created by Disney. It has become a popular game app. Inspired by an urban myth; the purpose of this game is to get water into the alligator’s bathtub. Swampy, the alligator, lives beneath the city and is obsessed with cleanliness. Of course, the other alligators find his obsession rather strange and work to sabotage his efforts to stay clean. This is a unique game that has caught the attention of those who enjoy gaming on their mobile devices.

The board game, Life, also has its own gaming app. In fact, it has become quite popular. Just like the classic board game, you navigate your animated tokens through a 3D environment that include roads and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’ve played the board game or not, the Life game app is one to try.

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