Minion Runner One of the Best iOS Games


April 17, 2014Games iPhoneNo comments

Apple app online store is full of millions of apps of distinct type. Whether it is about finding any productivity app or any game, you can easily find such apps on Apple app online store. The best part is that this store is introducing new apps on daily basis to facilitate the iOS users at best. To enjoy playing games, I love to keep visiting this online store. Few days back, I was searching for free iOS games when I came across Minion Runner app. Minion is a popular character and my favorite one. Thus, the presence of this cute little character grabbed my attention. I downloaded this free app in my iPhone and started playing it.

To my amazed, the app was full of fun yet it was simple to play and understand. It is one of those amazing games, which you can enjoy playing with your loved ones. The best part is that in this game, you just have to make Minion move in order to get points.

On the journey of Minion Runner, you will come across different creatures. You can easily defeat these enemies to make points. Moreover, you will find lots of opportunities to earn coin in this game. You can make Minion Runner fly, jump, and run to earn the points. These coins can be used to gear up your powers. Moreover, the earned score will help you to get to the next level of the game. Not only this, but you can also make in-app purchases to enhance your game play.

Another thing, which attracts the game lovers to this game, is its sound, which is so soothing. Moreover, the interface of the game is quite user friendly. Hence, get this game now and enjoy playing it while experiencing amazing graphics of the game. You can free download Minion Runner iPhone Game for Apple App Store here.

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