MetTrader 4 for Android Mobile Devices

by itsehsan on June 25, 2012

You can now do mobile trading with the MetaTrader 4 on your Android mobile device!  Nothing has even been convenient as this since you can virtually do your trading within the stock markets using your smartphones and even in your Android powered tablet. You now have the flexibility to look over your stock account as well as being able to view your stock history and do trades in financial markets.

The application gives you the convenience to check up on your stocks anytime and anywhere!

MetaTrader4 is a mobile trading platform that is designed to keep you updated with what goes on in the stock market and Forex trading. The application does a whole lot of things such as allowing you to interact and connect to a broker, receive quotes, negotiate various financial deals and even allowing you to check up on your trading history. You can perform all of these things without needing to pay for any charges. The best part of it all is that the app can keep you updated wherever you are around the world!

The application allows you to make use of actual trading accounts and even demo accounts. What’s more, your demo account can be opened straight from MetaTrader4 itself. All you simply you need to do is log in and from there you can easily gain access to plenty of trading software choices.

You can now get prices of various financial materials in real-time and even allowing you to perform various trading operations with the use of different set of modes and trading orders! This gives you the flexibility to carry out your trading strategies. At any point in time and regardless of where you are, you can refer to your past trading transactions and find out how much you are profiting as a result of the trading that you’ve done.

The wonders and possibilities of MetaTrader4 can help make trading simpler and is handy to have around when you need it most. You’ll never be out of arm’s reach as the app allows you to be in touch with the financial market and your own trading account.

Last October, it was announced that MetaTrader4 is available for download in the market specifically in the Android operating system. The app received critical acclaim since it became an essential tool for anyone involved in the trading market.

The development of the application hasn’t stopped and developers are continuously finding ways to expand its capabilities. MetaTrader 4 is now fully optimized to various Android powered smartphones and tablets.

The company, MetaQuotes, responsible for developing the application indicates there’s work that needs to be done as its developers are tediously finding ways to make trading easier. MetaTrader4 is increasingly becoming popular as it is being utilized by traders. The charts are featured in the app aiding traders to keep an eye on the quotes for any changes occurring in the market.

You can free download MetaTrader 4 from Google Play here. If you want to know more about MetaTrader app, head over to their official website

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