Math 101: Trivia Quiz App Review


January 26, 2016AndroidNo comments

Mat 101, Trivia Quiz: the best math game I have ever played. I just like how the app user-friendly interface design. This game is awesome, anytime I am free, I just find myself playing the game. It is super addictive due to its beautiful nature. Trivia quiz is one game is full of fun. The game makes my mind off of other things, making me relax and think clearly.

The application has sharpened my way of thinking. My mathematical skills have improved over time, as a result of the trivia quiz. This game is refreshing, with great effects and full of fun as I learn.

I have never seen; my younger sister enjoys any game like the trivia quiz. Despite the fact she cannot get to ten, she keeps playing. This classic game is sharpening her mathematical skills. She does not like math, but trivia quiz has made her get excited about studying math.

Trivia quiz is the best math game; my dad has never installed any game on his phone, but couldn’t avoid this one. I would recommend everyone to download and play the game. Despite the fact that its target audience is children and young adult, it is fit for everyone irrespective of age.

You can free download Math 101 Trivia Quiz App from play store here.