Masterminds Behind iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and iTunes

by Ehsan on December 23, 2012


Real Masterminds Behind iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and iTunes:

So you love your iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac… iEverything, don’t you? So does the rest of the world, it seems. And if you would stop any of those iFans and ask them who came up with that neat little gadget they’re so fond of, they’d tell you it was Steve Jobs, creator and CEO of Apple.



Jonathan Ive, maybe? That’s Apple’s chief industrial designer. If it wasn’t old Stevey, it must have been him, right?

No? Again? So who then?

And that is $128 billion dollar question. Who came up with all of Apple’s brilliant designs? The rather surprising answer is that it was other people. Now, certainly Apple did come up with some of their own ideas, but from the get-go they’ve been copying off of other inventors, innovators, and competitors. Key features of Mac OS, the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad were all blatantly stolen from other people.

And is Apple ashamed of it? Not at all. Steve Jobs claims that it’s the key to brilliant business, and judging from his bottom line, that’s a hard claim to contest.

Apple: They Didn't Build That!
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