Manage Your Files with File Expert with Clouds


July 12, 2014AndroidNo comments

Are you looking to get your files managed in the proper way so that you will not have to face the problem while finding them later? File Expert with Cloud is the solution then. The great thing about this app is that you can easily manage the files on personal computers, smartphone, cloud storage, and tablets. This sounds like life is going to be really simple.

The app gives the chance to the users to create their own tabs for the categories they want to keep their files in. This way they can get the instant access to the file they want.

File Expert with Clouds:

Learning the app procedure is easy and anyone can understand it without reading any document or instruction guide. With the tab based interface, the users can get to know about how to manage the files, tabs, along with how to run the app. You will not find such useful thing in any other app.

Moreover, this app is fully equipped with lots of other features, which are as follows;

–          You will get the recycle bin in this app.

–          Phones with the File Expert in them will be able to get the files through direct share via Wi-Fi.

–          With the Web PC Suite, the files will be transferred from and to the PC browser easily.

–          You can get into your phone’s gallery, documents, Zip Files, and E-Books easily with this app.

–          With this single app, you can get into any cloud service you want including Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox, etc.

–          The downloader is resumeable and efficient.

–          This app also offers you the free cloud service of GCloud.

–          The file manager offers all the features like paste, cut, copy, save, send, details, rename, etc.

Is n’t File Expert with Cloud is an easy and functional app? Certainly it is! Therefore, every person, who is in regular need of managing his files, can use it on his smartphone even without opening laptop.