Make Your Kids Learn Maths via Slice Geom


From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy playing only one game and that is Slice Geom.

No doubt that the game has captured the attention of many game lovers. The game got the million downloads within short time and the players are increasing day by day.

Slice Geom Feature:slice_geom-01

The game is all about dicing and cutting the geometrical puzzles and scoring the highest. The adults are enjoying this game along with the kids to the fullest. This is because it is simple and full of fun. Just swipe the finger and keep on cutting the geometrical shapes.

The parents like this game a lot for their kids, especially if they are more reluctant to learn the math. This subject used to make many kids yawn in the match class but now they are finding an easy way to learn it.

Some of the attributes of this game are:

-          Firstly, you can play it in different languages. Get it in German, Russian, French, or English.

-          There are 20 easy as well as hard levels of this game.

-          You will have to get the 60 stars in each level to move to the next level.

-          If you feel like that you have stuck at any level, then you can always take help from the hints.

-          The videos are also available if you feel like trapping in any troubled level.

-          You can run it easily and without any hassle on your phone and tablet.

The game is a complete learning package with the entertainment factor available for the kids. The days are gone when the parents were used to stop their child from playing the cell phone games. The Slice Geom is something worth downloading.

It is like that every parent must have this game in their phones. So, download it today and enjoy slicing geometrical shapes.