Make Kids Learn Mathematics with Second Grade Math App


March 12, 2014AndroidNo comments

Many people find it difficult to learn mathematics. Even you will find some adults, who face difficulties in solving mathematical equations. Not only adults, a large number of kids also face this problem in early years of their schooling. My kid was also one of them. He was a student of grade one at that time. I tried a lot to teach him the basics of mathematics but all in vain. I did not understand the issue behind  his lack of interest in mathematics. Whatever the reason was, it made me worried, as his poor score in mathematics was ruining his entire result card.

Second Grade Math App:

To make him learn mathematics efficiently, I decided to find an interesting way. I noticed that my kid loves to use gadgets like all other kids. Being the owner of an Android phone, I decided to find an app, with which I could teach my kid mathematics. I found ‘Second Grade Math’ app for this purpose. It was an amazing app with the help of which the parents, teachers, and tutors could make the kids learn 120 different mathematics skills. All these skills were covered in distinct 11 chapters to offer a systematic approach towards learning.


‘Second Grade Math’ is a free app and offers the following facilities its users:

  • The user can use this app without any WiFi or Data connection once he has downloaded this app in his app.
  • To retrieve the previous question is not difficult. Moreover, the user can also move to other question whenever he wants.
  • The app is incorporated with lots of quizzes to assess the kids, who are learning mathematics. The best part is that a timer is available in the app to make kids solve the test within time.
  • Parents, teachers, and tutors can also monitor the stats of their kids to ensure their progress.

You can free download seconds grade math Android App from Google Play here.

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