Make Free HD Quality Video And Voice Calls With Zangi iPhone App


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A phone was mainly created for the purpose of making calls.  With the introduction of short message systems later on, the demand for calling has decreased for the reason that it usually consumes up the users’ credit at a fast pace. But as some users require the use of calls and cannot simply conduct their dealings via short messages calling becomes a necessity for them. With the use of the newly designed app Zangi, calling is now possible free of charge.

Zangi Video & Voice Calling iPhone App:

Users get to benefit from the app in many different manners which include the making of high quality calls. Video calls and voice calls are charged equally and neither one is placed at a higher priority than the other. Other members who make part of the Zangi network of users get to call one another free of charge. Chatting via the app is also free of charge and this largely replaces the need for users to resort to texting or short message sending.

voice and video call iphone app

This application also provides its users with instant support and solutions to problems which may arise. With a live com operator available at all times. Users commend the fact that their issues are duly responded to and that this app provisions everything that any communication application might have to offer. With the free roaming service also, users can now travel about and not require to change their number according to every location they stay in.

Registration is an important part of the process of becoming a member of the application. Users’ mobile numbers make the identification number which is used for the major part of the registration process. It also becomes the users’ Zangi number and others may use it to call them on it. Containing all the features that might be availed from a GSM service for phone it also has a number of additional amenities such as internet telephony.

free video call iphone app

An app that doesn’t sap your device’s battery in an instant, the Zangi app is one that enables users to spend quality time with their friends and family, without making the distance become an issue.

You can free download Zangi iPhone App from iTune App Store here.

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