Love Twist Multiplayer Tic Tac Crazy Game for Android


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Today we find an amazing Love Twist Tic Tac Android game. Love Twist is an old classic pencil and paper Tic Tac Toe game but this time in new advance style. In this game two players X and O, who take turn marking the spaces in a 3×3 gid. The player who succeeds in playing three respective marks in horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game. It’s simple, crazy and addictive game.

Kynetix continues to deliver a series of highly popular classic simple games with a new free Android game Love Twist. With its fluffy pink, brightly brilliant and fun modes-stories you discover a new arty experience of a forgotten gameplay.

Twist Multiplayer Tic Tac Crazy Game for Android:

Originally, tic tac toe (noughts and crossesm X’s and O’s etc) is a paper-and-pencil quick and simple game for two players. Turn by turn both of you mark the spaces in a 3×3 grid trying to place three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win a game. With Kynitex, tic-tac-toe goes mobile and gets its second new and bright life. Girls and kids will particularly love our this topsy-turvy tic-tac-toe game painted in bright pink colors introducing funny characters and delicate relations between them.
You ask what is so special about Love Twist that makes it addictive and fun to play?
- That’s simply powerful brain teaser that will attract both the youngest and mature mathematicians: classic 3-In-A Row grid and more and more complicated 4- In-A Row, 5- In-A Row, 6-In-A Row and even 7-In-A Row game grids would be of a great challenge to everybody;
- A multiplayer feature which is really needed in such type of games. You choose whom to play with – a merciless perfectly tuned computer that never sleeps and never forgives? Or a real human being – your friend, your spouse, your kid or a mysterious stranger with annoying nickname;
- Time restriction mode for more challenge;
- Facebook high scores posting makes the game even more socializing while playing;
- Unexpected design solutions – creative, fun and very bright;
- High Quality. Perfectly neat;
- And of course Fun. Tons of fun with Jimmie the Crazy Skull introducing his girlfriend Mindy the Cutie Skull and their friends!

Checkout cool screenshots of Love Twist:

Tic Tac Crazy Game
Why Love? Our famous hero Jimmie the Crazy Skull has met a beautiful girl Mindie the Cutie Skull. And of course they fell in love at first sight!
Why Twist? Well, love is tricky and you never know which obstacles and twists are waiting for you on your thorny path towards love and happiness! There’s no accounting for preferences, you know ;).
So you just start playing now – and choose YOUR perfect match for this crazy tic-tac-toe duel!

You may checkout the video demo of Tic Tac Toe Love Twist:

You can free download Tic Tac Toe Love Twist Android addictive game for Market here.


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